Our services include the development, patenting, marketing and licensing of technology, on a joint venture basis.

Reliant Medical Products, Inc: Provale™ Cup

One of our innovative products licensed to Reliant Medical Products, Inc., the Provale™ Cup provides a safe, foolproof and sanitary way to dispense a limited amount of fluid. Available in 5cc and 10cc sizes. Used in Nursing Homes and Hospitals throughout the United States and now distributed in Europe.

Tupperware Corporation: Healthy Baster™

Yet another innovation from our labs is the world’s only dripless baster, the Healthy Baster™
separates fat and decants liquids. This is licensed to
Tupperware Corporation witnessing
retail sales of over $10,000,000.
Sold throughout the world.

Self Aligning Polarized Electric Plug

Electric Plug design automatically orients a polarized plug to its’ receptacle. A no-cost design improvement to existing electric plugs. US Design Patent Issued D692,384 S. This innovative product is available for licensing.

Prototypes available.

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